My blog title becomes very relevant

You may have heard that UWaterloo has a large goose population. Some people describe it as a goose problem. Through my experience from September to March, I didn’t consider the geese to be a big problem. I often reassured prospective students that the geese here really aren’t bad. But I think my opinion may be changing.

The university has a great site, , that provides tips on goose etiquette and where their nests are located. During mating season, which is right now despite all of the snow we’ve been getting (in April?!), the geese get extra territorial and quite intimidating.Snapchat-6730268015291551702

Now, don’t worry, nothing as extreme as a goose attack has occurred (as far as I know). We have just started to adjust our routes according to goose presence occasionally, and to steer clear of their nests.

In other news, I’ve secured a co-op placement for the summer and final exams start tomorrow! I cannot believe how fast first year has gone by. I’ll be back soon with more updates. Feel free to comment or message if you have any questions about Waterloo, Engineering, Nano, etc. 🙂



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