Volunteering at IIE

Waterloo IIE 2016 took place January 21-24 right here in Kitchener-Waterloo. The

IIE infographic from waterlooiie2016.ca

conference was excellently organized by UW’s International Industrial Engineering chapter, composed mainly of Management Engineering students. The weekend included speakers, competitions, and great food. I signed up to volunteer at IIE and it was a blast!

I love volunteering around campus in general. Usually I help with outreach events through Women in Engineering or the Engineering Ambassadors (eg: Open House, Shadow Days, Go Eng Girl). My experience volunteering at a conference was different from others, and very enjoyable. My volunteering responsibilities included assembling swag bags, facilitating coat check, tallying competition scores, and the general role of ‘floater’. I had the chance to meet a lot of students from other engineering disciplines and years at Waterloo, as well as other industrial engineering students from around the country. I put my French-speaking skills to good use, and learned a lot more than I knew before about industrial engineering.

Nanos take on coat check

Great amounts of effort went in to making the conference successful. I was really impressed by the organizers, and glad to be a part of the great team of volunteers. I’m heading to FYIC (First Year Integration Conference) this weekend. It was interesting to see the behind the scenes of conference organization before attending my first engineering conference. I’m learning that conferences are very cool, and I’m really looking forward to FYIC! If you hear of a conference that interests you, apply to be a delegate or to volunteer! You will likely find yourself surrounded by cool people like you.



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