Justin Trudeau and Jobmine

Hello! It’s been a busy week!

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Waterloo and visited campus to announce government funding for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium which includes research being done at Waterloo! I am a big fan of the PM, so I deemed the occasion one of the few reasons to ever skip class, and went to see him. I was very happy to shake his hand and hear him speak, and then returned to class with many of my classmates who had also gone to see him. My blurry cell phone pictures are below, but also here’s a real article about the visit.

Most of the past week and weekend were spent preparing my resume and applying to jobs on Jobmine, UWaterloo’s internal job board for co-op positions. The application process was hectic, I wrote many cover letters in very little time. Luckily I had lots of feedback on my resume before applying, through Engineering Society Resume Critiques, upper-year nano students, my parents, and CECA. Overall it’s a pretty exciting time! I’m looking forward to co-op, I’ll just be a lot less stressed once I get a job.

Another round of Jobmine postings open this weekend, and I’m also volunteering at Waterloo IIE, an industrial engineering conference. Mix in some coursework and it should be a fun and busy weekend! So that’s me signing off from a very snowy Waterloo! Happy Thursday!


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