Justin Trudeau and Jobmine

Hello! It’s been a busy week!

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Waterloo and visited campus to announce government funding for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium which includes research being done at Waterloo! I am a big fan of the PM, so I deemed the occasion one of the few reasons to ever skip class, and went to see him. I was very happy to shake his hand and hear him speak, and then returned to class with many of my classmates who had also gone to see him. My blurry cell phone pictures are below, but also here’s a real article about the visit.

Most of the past week and weekend were spent preparing my resume and applying to jobs on Jobmine, UWaterloo’s internal job board for co-op positions. The application process was hectic, I wrote many cover letters in very little time. Luckily I had lots of feedback on my resume before applying, through Engineering Society Resume Critiques, upper-year nano students, my parents, and CECA. Overall it’s a pretty exciting time! I’m looking forward to co-op, I’ll just be a lot less stressed once I get a job.

Another round of Jobmine postings open this weekend, and I’m also volunteering at Waterloo IIE, an industrial engineering conference. Mix in some coursework and it should be a fun and busy weekend! So that’s me signing off from a very snowy Waterloo! Happy Thursday!



I’ve made it to my second term of university! 1A was a great start, and I’m optimistic that this term will be even better. I feel like I’ve finally built up the study habits I need to be a better student while balancing a social life and some clubs.

The first day back to class was definitely different from our first day of 1A in September. We’re more comfortable with our classmates now, and also less intimidated by new professors and the whole idea of university in general.

Finishing 1A like
Reuniting with nano squad for 1B!

Along with our heavy course load, we also have to find a job for our first co-op term that will take place this Spring. I’m really excited about co-op! And nervous! It kind of snuck up on me that we will be applying in two weeks, but luckily there aren’t many assignments to do yet, so I can perfect my resume and get ready to apply.


Wishing everyone a great start to the new year, see you soon!

Reflecting on exam season

Good news! I have successfully completed my first term at the University of Waterloo!


It seems like the semester itself was so long ago since the last two weeks of it were spent studying for and writing exams. Fortunately, those two weeks gave me the opportunity to actually gain study skills and do decently well on exams!

You’d think that having no classes for two weeks would mean you have some more free time, but it ended up being just as busy as during classes. I spent most days studying by myself for a few hours at home, then with friends on campus for the rest of the day. I felt really lucky that my class gets along so well and we were always around to help each other in the QNC.

I’m not saying exams are easy. Most of them were really challenging, and I’ve accepted that my grades are not as great as they were in high school, but I’m still doing okay. It’s amazing what you can shove into your head in the few days before an exam, but I really would recommend to start studying as early as you can. Also, make sure to take breaks for snacks or naps!

It was great to go home for the holidays, but I’m excited to tell you about the start of 1B in my next post!

Your brain on Linear Algebra, courtesy of Alan.
Gingerbread decorating makes for a nice study break!
Profs that bring pizza to review sessions are great