Hello hello! It’s been a busy few weeks and it’s sure to get even crazier as classes finish and final exams begin (IN TWO WEEKS?!?!) Through all the insanity, life at Waterloo has been pretty sweet!


Open house was a blast! It was really cool to talk to high school students, parents, and other UWaterloo students and staff throughout the day and to give tours for my program. I’ve also had a few shadows this month (high school students who follow me around for the day), a very fun time as well!

Something I’ve realized even more in the last few weeks is just how awesome my professors are. They are so willing to help whenever they can, in person or on class discussion boards. My professors just want to teach us and help us out, and it is greatly appreciated.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the support of my class! Waterloo Engineering has a cohort system, meaning you take almost all of your classes with the same group of people for the entirety of your degree. We’re about 120 students in the nano program, and we have a great dynamic of helping each other understand and practice the material. Not to mention our knack for hilarious jokes and memes throughout the semester. I’m hopeful that the next 5 years with my class will be just as enjoyable as this semester!

TL;DR: Waterloo has a bunch of cool people that are nice.

ALSO we got some snow this weekend! ūüôā Bye for now



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This one’s for all of you high school seniors out there! I’m not referring to Christmas in the title, but rather the opening of applications and open house season!

Here I am complaining about the stress of midterms (they ended up going alright, by the way!), while I almost forgot about what an exciting, and maybe stressful time this is for those of you applying to university. I remember how excited I was to get my OUAC pin and submit my applications. However, I also found it kind of difficult to narrow down exactly which programs to apply to, and to compose the best supplementary applications that I could.


Here is a quick list of my advice for the application season:

  • Do your research: The internet is a great resource! Read about your potential programs, what you might do with that degree, the school itself, opportunities that you’re interested in, required courses and grades, etc. You may find it helpful to look at social media pages for the university and/or program as well. Tons of info for you about Waterloo¬†can be found at¬†https://uwaterloo.ca/find-out-more/. Engineering applicants may also like Prof. Bill Anderson’s blog, I found it very informative!
  • Check out Open Houses:¬†Lots of universities will be hosting open houses this month (ours is this Saturday!! More info here.) These days are a great way to check out campus and talk face-to-face with students and faculty. Can’t make it to open house? You can also book a campus tour, or participate in a shadow day, depending on your faculty.
  • It’s okay to brag:¬†Supplementary applications (such as Waterloo’s Admission Information Form) are your chance to talk about yourself. Tell them what makes you stand out, your passions, things you’re involved with, your goals. Set aside plenty of time and have people proofread your applications. It’s worth the effort!
  • Take deep breaths:¬†Trust me, I know it can be a stressful time. Try to focus on the excitement! Keep working hard, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the rest of high school. Before you know it, you’ll be on a whole new adventure. There are many resources to help you on your way.

Feel free to comment or message the blog anytime if you have any questions! Good luck!