Hello! My short disappearance from blogging may give you an idea of an engineering course load at UWaterloo. This week was my first set of university midterm exams. It was…interesting!

Our set-up was pretty convenient as we had no class this week with exams on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Next week, we have our regular class schedule with two more exams. Not all programs have this exam schedule, some are more spread out over a few weeks or all fit into one week.

The exams themselves weren’t much different from high school: about two hours in length, some multiple choice, some short answer, etc. The biggest difference I noticed was the large amount of material covered in just the first 5 weeks of classes, and the race against the clock while writing the exam. Despite it all, they went okay. I’ll have a better idea of how well they went when I get results back next week.

The amount of information I have shoved into my head over the past week is crazy. I’ve been having dreams (or are they nightmares..?) of acids and bases and matrix multiplication. The weekend will definitely be a nice break from exam writing, but it will also be busy. I’m volunteering at a museum and playing a trivia tournament.

I’ll be back sooner rather than later!

My overused phrase of the week
My overused phrase of the week

Getting Involved in University

Hello all! The first three weeks of classes have been great. Some courses are challenging, but they’re all interesting! I have been very busy, not just due to classes but because there’s just so much to do on campus. During the second week of classes, the Student Life Centre (SLC) hosted Campus Life Fair and Clubs Fair. These were great occasions to learn about everything going on around campus

Clubs Fair reminded me of Pitch Perfect
Clubs Fair reminded me of Pitch Perfect. There are several a cappella groups at UW!

Most teams and clubs will hold open practices or meetings during the first few weeks of term, so you can try everything that interests you without deciding to commit right away. As we’ve been told in any academic situation, it’s important to get involved outside of class. At university, I’ve found that joining teams is a great way to meet first years and upper years. Also, doing something that you like is rewarding and a nice break from assignments.

So far this term I’ve joined Quizbowl, Concert Band, and the Engineering Ambassadors. I’m really enjoying it so far! These groups occupy about 5 hours of my week, which I find manageable.

A list of the clubs available at Waterloo can be found here. Don’t see one you like? You can always form your own with the help of Feds, our student union. Tell me in the comments or a message what you’re involved in at high school or uni, or what you hope to join in the future! 🙂