Orientation Week!

Picture this: a week of long, sunny, carefree days. Learning at least 20 names a day that will take you another few days to retain. Cheering all the time. Eating free food. Always having something fun to do.

8066131Orientation week at Waterloo was a blast. Almost each day of last week, there was faculty programming during the day, followed by fun events for all first years at night. Engineering students were split into

Purpled! #EngPride
Purpled! #EngPride

colour groups (DARK GREEN BEST TEAM!) to compete in several events. My favourite part of the week was the activities to earn my yellow hardhat, a tradition for first-year engineers.

Events for all new students included Choose Your Own Adventure Night (one of the best nights to get free food all over campus, as my roommate and I did), World of Waterloo (a super fun self-guided tour of Uptown), Monte Carlo night, and Black and Gold Day.

The week was crazy busy, but definitely encouraged spirit for the school and my faculty, as well as meeting some really cool first years and upper years. I had more time to hang out with my roommates and find my way around campus, but very little time to call my parents. The start of class felt a bit too soon after such a jam-packed week, but hey, that’s university. Good luck this week!

Black and Gold Day

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