Tips on packing for university

When it comes to packing, I have a procrastination problem. I mean, it’s not that bad. Everything will be packed at least 12 hours before I have to leave, but seeing that most of my friends have nearly finished packing (or have already moved out!) makes me feel a bit behind. 


  • DO clean your room before attempting to pack. A clean room is a blank canvas. It makes packing easier since everything is put away, and there is more floor space on which to place all of the things you will pack.
  • DON’T overbook the week before moving. Try to schedule some blocks of free time for shopping, organizing and packing. I wish I had realized this sooner. My week will be spent working at my summer job, unpacking from my vacation, and attempting to see all of my friends and family before leaving. My advice: prioritize friends, family, and packing. If you have free time left over, relax.
  • DO make a checklist. I’ll be living with three roommates. We have found it very useful to use a spreadsheet to organize everything we needed and who is bringing it. This way, we won’t show up with four toasters, and between the four of us, we’re unlikely to forget anything crucial. Even if you don’t have a roommate, make yourself a packing checklist and have someone go over it with you to see if you’ve forgotten anything. Waterloo Residences provides some pretty good lists that could be a good base.packingwizard
  • DON’T forget symbols of home. Regardless of what defines home for you, bring something along that makes you smile and reminds you of the people who support you. I’m bringing pictures of my dog (and the rest of my family), my stuffed moose, and my concert ticket stub collection. However, don’t forget to leave room for the new memories. Before we know it, Waterloo will be a second home, and there will be plenty of photos of new friends to cover your walls.
  • DO get pumped! Packing becomes very fun as soon as you add some music. Moving out is a super scary but extremely exciting time, so embrace these emotions and have fun with it.
  • DON’T stress (too much). My main concern right now is forgetting something important. I’m excited to start school, not as nervous as I maybe should be. Hopefully I can take my own advice and stress very little for the next week. Everything will be fine. Everyone will be in the same boat and willing to help each other. I would love to hear your packing stories or tips in the comments! Enjoy the last week of vacation, and happy packing!
One week until move-in!
One week until move-in!

2 thoughts on “Tips on packing for university

  1. Hi! This is Cindy, a fellow UWaterloo blogger. 🙂 Your tips are excellent and actually helped me a lot as I’m currently in the midst of stuffing everything into my suitcase. Thank you for the awesome post!


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